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The Lawyers You Need After A Slip And Fall Injury

The Lawyers You Need After A Slip And Fall InjurySlip and Fall accidents are all too common, and as we get older, the injuries they can cause become increasingly severe. When you fall and injure yourself as the result of the negligence of someone else, you are entitled to hold them responsible and receive compensation for the harm they have caused.

Here at Hobaica Law Office, we take your case, and your injury, personally. Our experienced and accomplished personal injury attorneys are ready to press your claim for compensation after any slip and fall accident.

What Counts As A Slip And Fall Accident In New York?

The term slip and fall accident, while evocative, is not a former or legal one, it is just the common way of referring to what the law (and lawyers) call a premise liability accident. This category actually covers any number of possible accidents and injuries that were caused by the negligence of the owner or operator of the premises.

These accidents can be caused by any number of possible combinations of risky, unsafe, unclear, or dangerous management of a property that results in an injury. Some examples include:

  • Poor lighting in a hotel causes you to miss a stair, resulting in a bone-breaking fall.
  • You slip and break a hip because of ice left uncleared in front of a grocery store.
  • You dislocate your shoulder falling in your apartment building’s staircase because the landlord left a railing unfixed.
  • In a restaurant, the owners failed to clean up a spilled drink, which caused you to fall backward and hit your head.

Any and all of these accidents would count as negligence, which means you can sue the owner or occupant for the harm and injury caused. Given the exorbitant cost of medical care, it may be the only way to cover those essential, even life-saving costs.

What Should I Do If I Am Hurt In Such An Accident?

Before worrying about premise liability or any other legal matters, your first concern should always be your own health and safety. Make sure that you are safe, and seek the medical attention you need before doing anything else.

However, if you were hurt on someone else’s property, and you suspect it may have been the fault of the owner or operator, it is worth starting to gather evidence as quickly as you can. Ask anyone who saw the fall or other injury for their contact information, their eyewitness accounts may be crucial to proving your case. These individuals may also be willing to help gather other evidence at the scene of the accident.

If you can take pictures of any obstruction, signage, lighting, or other dangerous circumstance which contributed to your slip and fall injury, doing so as quickly as possible is recommended. If you cannot personally do so due to your injury, ask someone nearby to do so for you. Do so even if you are not sure if you need it now, you might desperately wish you had this evidence later.

Some evidence, such as video footage from the premises, might not be easy to obtain. At this point, you should consider calling a personal injury lawyer, preferably one with slip and fall or premise liability accident experience. Not only will we be able to help you secure key evidence as quickly as possible, but we will be able to advise you on whether or not you can and should sue for personal injury compensation.

How Can I Get Compensation After My Slip And Fall Accident Injury?

If you trip, slip, fall, or otherwise injure yourself because of dangerous or unsafe circumstances on someone else’s property in Utica, Cooperstown, or anywhere in New York, Hobaica Law can help.

Our personal injury attorneys have helped many clients, just like you, receive compensation that helped them pay their medical bills, cover treatments, and physical therapy, reimburse them for time lost at work, and recover other essential damages which let them get their life back on track.

Do not delay, call today for a free consultation if you believe you might be eligible for a personal injury claim or have been injured in a slip and fall accident.

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