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Case Results

Case Management, Verdicts And Settlements

Medical Malpractice

$8 Million – Verdict
Non-indicated thyroid surgery with improperly managed post-operative complications resulting in respiratory arrest and PTSD for young woman.

$1.15 Million – Settled
Untreated Gestational Diabetes during prenatal care and mismanagement of labor and delivery, resulting in shoulder dystocia, catastrophic brachial plexus injury, avulsion of nerve roots, with severe and permanent Klumpke’s and Erb’s palsy for infant.

$899,500 – Verdict
Failure to diagnose and treat peripheral vascular compromise, resulting in above the knee amputation of right leg of 67 year old man.

$750,000 – Verdict
Failure to timely diagnose and properly treat adverse reaction to Tegretal medication, resulting in Steven’s-Johnson Syndrome, skin lesions and permanent scarring for 9 year old child.

$750,000 – Settled
Failure to diagnose and properly treat subdural hematoma, resulting in traumatic brain injury for 62 year old woman.

$687,500 – Settled
Mismanagement of anticoagulation therapy and failure to timely diagnose and treat a subdural hematoma, resulting in a severe brain injury that could have been prevented if proper care had been provided to a 63 year old woman who initially presented with a minor head trauma.

$650,000 – Settled
Improper needle placement and improper dosage of anesthetic during epidural steroid injection resulting in arachnoiditis, incontinence, impotence, and cauda equina syndrome for a 51 year old man.

$625,000 – Settled
Orthopedic Surgeon performed three rotator cuff surgeries without obtaining appropriate radiologic studies to properly diagnose or treat a dislocated shoulder, resulting in permanent atrophy, chronic pain and loss of function of shoulder, requiring subsequent shoulder fusion for 35 year old man.

$600,000 – Settled
Fractured femur from motorcycle accident with untreated post-trauma vascular compromise, resulting in compartment syndrome requiring emergency fasciotomy, and subsequent severe muscle atrophy, scarring and deformity of right lower extremity of 23 year old man.

$480,000 – Settled
Failure to properly manage shoulder dystocia complication during labor and delivery by prematurely cutting umbilical cord, resulting in emergent forceful delivery and subsequent permanent injury, including bilateral broken clavicles, brachial plexus injury and Erb’s palsy for infant.

$425,000 – Verdict
Surgeon failed to conduct an appropriate pre-operative evaluation which would have revealed a carotid aneurysm prior to performing a right carotid artery endarterectomy, resulting in post-operative stroke and permanent neurologic deficits, including left hemiplegia, for 71 year old man.

$425,000 – Settled after Jury Verdict
Failure to properly monitor and diagnose loss of reduction of a comminuted transverse fracture of distal radius of left arm, resulting in a mal-union with permanent angulation deformity and chronic pain for 60 year old woman.

$385,000 – Settled
Failure to biopsy tissue from the correct breast lesion, resulting in significant delay in diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer, advanced disease necessitating more aggressive adjuvant therapy and permanent cardiomyopathy for 46 year old woman.

$350,000 – Settled
Improperly performed modified Marshall-Marchetti procedure that was non-indicated due to inappropriately diagnosed stress urinary incontinence, resulting in permanent inability to urinate without self-catheterization for 53 year old woman.

$310,000 – Settled
Neurosurgeon improperly introduced excessive amounts of anesthesia agent during chemonucleolysis the gasserian ganglion procedure, resulting anesthesia dolorosa, permanent numbness, pain and dysesthesia in the entire right side of head and face of 66 year old man.

$225,000 – Settled
Failure to properly diagnose and treat crushed pelvis and fractured hip following motor vehicle accident, resulting in avascular necrosis of the femoral head of hip joint and permanent disability for 55 year old woman.

$225,000 – Settled
Failure to follow-up and maintain a vascular Port-A-Cath and properly monitor and regulate anti- coagulation therapy, resulting in a vena cava thrombus and right jugular occlusion with subsequent severe, unrelenting and debilitating head pain for a 46 year old man.

$217,500 – Settled
Failure to properly diagnose and treat symptomatic cardiac condition and coronary artery disease, resulting in an otherwise preventable myocardial infarction and subsequent disability for 39 year old man.

$200,000 – Settled at trial
Failure to provide appropriate information before obtaining consent and performing a contraindicated surgical procedures in the face of undiagnosed acute gall bladder pancreatitis, resulting in severe hemorrhagic and necrotic pancreatitis with infection, and subsequent pancreatic insufficiency for 43 year old woman.

$200,000 – Settled at trial
Failure to recognize and monitor indications of fetal distress during labor and delivery, resulted in asphyxia and hypoxic brain injury to infant.

$150,000 – Settled
Improperly performed open ACL procedure resulting in misplaced femoral graft, improper position of femoral screw and subsequent chronic pain for 27 year old man.

$100,000 – Settled at trial
Improperly placed femoral artery stent during angioplasty procedure, resulting in permanent injury to nerves, ligaments and quad muscles of left leg of 73 year old man.

$90,000 – Settled
Failure to properly diagnose and treat left slipped capital femoral epiphysis, resulting in chronic pain for 11 year old child.

Personal Injury

$480,000 – Settled for full available policies
Auto/Motorcycle accident: Automobile failed to yield the right of way and turned left in front of the motorcycle causing a collision, resulting in severe trauma and brain injury to 39 year old man.

$400,000 – Settled for full available policy
Police officer injured while on duty in auto accident when rear-ended by intoxicated driver, resulting in neck and knee injuries with herniated discs impinging upon spinal cord requiring cervical fusion, tendon repair to shoulder and permanent injury to 53 year old man.

$335,000 – Settled
On-the-job accident when materials fell on the employee, resulting in foot fracture requiring internal fixation and fusion with subsequent bony and soft tissue deformity over the involved joints.

$250,000.00 Settled
A head-on collision caused serious injuries to seat-belted front seat passenger who suffered complex fractures resulting in permanent stiffness, pain and numbness of the ankle and foot, as well as, multiple rib fractures, a tear in the mesentery and a colon perforation, requiring surgeries to remove a section of small bowel, as well as, the terminal ileum, resulting in permanent gastrointestinal changes.

$762,500.00 Settled
Recovery was obtained pursuant to the strict liability provisions of Section 240 of the New York State Labor Law relating to an independent contractor who fell from a roof suffering serious closed head trauma, multiple fractures and internal injuries that resulted in his death.

Wrongful Death

$1.6 Million – Settled
Medical Malpractice: Failure to monitor administration of glycol during gynecologic surgery; resulting in toxic levels of glycol absorption and death of 36 year old woman.

$950,000 – Settled
Medical Malpractice: Inappropriate management of tongue cancer resulting in loss of chance of survival and subsequent death of a 34 year old man.

$500,000 – Settled
Failure to timely diagnose and treat anastomotic dehiscence following laparotomy and bowel resection for partial bowel obstruction, resulting in peritonitis, pulmonary sepsis, multi-system organ failure and death of 63 year old man.

$500,000 – Settled
Failure to diagnose and treated symptomatic cardiac condition, resulting in death of 45 year old woman.

$490,000 – Settled
Surgical mishap during Lumbar fusion resulting in laceration of iliac vessel and death of 44 year old woman.

$400,000 – Settled
Medical Malpractice: Failure to provide timely and appropriate medical care for symptomatic cardiac ischemia; resulting in subsequent myocardial infarction and death of 48 year old man.

$350,000 – Settled
Medical Malpractice: Overdose of antigen and mismanagement of code, resulting in otherwise preventable death.

$225,000 – Settled
Medical Malpractice: Failed to properly evaluate, diagnose and treat symptomatic cardiac disease, resulting in otherwise preventable acute cardiac event and death of 45 year old woman.

$200,000 – Settled
Personal Injury: Slipped underwater unnoticed for approximately 15 minutes by the lifeguard in attendance at public pool, resulting in drowning death of 75 year old man.

$200,000 – Settled for full available policy
Head on Automobile accident with a driver under the influence, resulting in death.

$150,000 – Settled
Medical Malpractice: Failure to properly monitor post-angioplasty patient resulting in death due to undiagnosed and untreated perforation and bleeding from femoral artery of 59 year old woman.

$100,000 – Settled
Medical Malpractice: Failure to properly evaluate, diagnose and treat diabetic ketoacidosis and pancreatitis prior to performing a contra-indicated ERCP procedure and an un-indicated cholecystectomy procedure, resulting in anoxic encephalopathy and death of 37 year old man.

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